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$2.2 Million

Personal Injury

Unleveled sidewalk causes woman to slip and fall

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$10.5 Million

Police Brutality

Police officer kills suspect in a struggle

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$12.5 Million

Construction Accident

35 pound scaffold strikes construction worker

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$17.5 million

Civil Rights

Diabetic man denied insulin treatment while in police custody

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Police Abuse

Burns and Harris are experts on legal matters regarding police brutality, sexual abuse and nursing home abuse. Below are some claims related to abuse that Burns and Harris can help with:


Accidents can occur to anyone at any time and can have lasting, devastating impacts on a person’s life. Below are some claims related to accidents that Burns and Harris can help with:


Malpractice is the failure of professionals to provide adequate service to clients, often leading to personal injuries or substantial loss of income. Below are some claims related to malpractice that Burns and Harris can help with:

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Burns & Harris is a New York City-based litigation firm dedicated to obtaining justice on behalf of anyone who has suffered a personal injury. With more than 82 years of combined experience, we provide complete and outstanding legal services from initial consultation onward. We will do everything necessary to move quickly toward a settlement or trial. We always seek to win the most positive results for our clients.
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Burns and Harris has paid over $10 million to referring lawyers and firms!

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Burns & Harris provided disaster relief assistance through a cash donation to Unidos por Puerto Rico to help Puerto Ricans that were devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  Seth Harris is a Partner in Education and a volunteer in the national Open Doors Program.  He has also volunteered his time to teach Bronx Middle School students that were part of the Thurgood Marshall Junior Mock Trial Program, providing middle school students with a positive introduction to the judicial system while exposing them to potential mentors and career opportunities in the legal field. Seth has made it a priority to volunteer in the communities he serves and support in ways that help their families.​

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