Cerebral Palsy

$2.75 million verdict with a future value of $10.5 million – A child with cerebral palsy who was injured as a result of medical malpractice was awarded the verdict. Learn More

In The News – Doe v BX Hospital –  A doctor at the hospital set Jane Doe’s ankle incorrectly on Sept. 30, 2000.  A settlement of $1 million was awarded to Ms. Doe. Learn More

Other Medical Malpractice

$425,000 settlement – Allister Legister v N.Y.C.H.H.C, – plaintiff suffered from compartment syndrome following surgery to repair a gun shot wound in his left thigh; failure to perform a timely fasciotomy. Learn More

$350,000 settlement – Jane Doe v NYCHHC – failure to timely treat a bowel obstruction; improper and negligent place of stent during colonoscopy procedure. Learn More

$250,000 settlement – Jane Doe v NYC Health & Hospitals Corp. – plaintiff (5 year old girl) suffered burns and scarring to her left foot as a result of an infiltrated intravenous catheter.  Learn More