Personal Injuries

$2.61 million verdict – A Bronx jury awarded plaintiff Luis Molina for injuries sustained when he fell down a subway station stairway. Mr. Molina was caused to slip and fall as a result of a plastic bag that had blown onto the steps from a street opening. Learn More

In The News – Zuckermandel v Dunkin Donuts – Burns & Harris Secured a Settlement in a Case Brought Against Dunkin Donuts for Negligence. Learn More

Dangerous Conditions

$670,000 verdict – Ms. Flaherty slipped in the bathroom of her residence. Ms. Flaherty’s bathroom had problems that the building did not address… Learn More

In The News – 5 Corrections Officers v Rikers Island – Five Rikers Island correction officers sued the city claiming that they contracted cancer from working at the prison. Learn More

Tainted Food

$3.47 million verdict – Ms. Samperisi was scalded by an espresso machine which exploded at a Starbucks Coffee shop she visited. Learn More

In The News – Sampersi v Starbucks Coffee Co. – Ms. Samperisi was awarded $3,470,670 because an espresso machine scalded her while visiting a Starbucks coffee shop. Learn More