Martin v NYPD

$4.15 million verdict

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A Brooklyn Jury rendered a verdict for $4.15 million in Martin V.  NYPD.  Mr. Martin was caused to fall over 30 feet while being chased by an anti-crime unit of the 76th precinct.  While hanging from a wall, officers hit his hands so that he would fall.       

On 8/22/09 Brian Martin, a 25 year old black male, was walking home from the barber shop, on Hoyt St.  As he was approaching his building, 225 Hoyt, Brian was asked by two unidentified males to come here.  Mr. Martin ignored the request, and was asked again to come here more aggressively.  He continued walking and when he glanced back, he saw the two men pointing guns at him.  Mr. Martin ran when he saw the guns.  He ran into his building of 225 Hoyt.  The men were right behind him.  He ran up the stairs and to the roof of 225 Hoyt, which is a 4 story building.  While on the roof he was pushed/grabbed by one of the two men, and he was propelled over the ledge of the roof.  Mr. Martin was able to grab onto the ledge and hung on.  While he was holding on for his life, one of the officers hit his right hand with a hard black object.  Mr. Martin could not hang on any longer and fell the 5 stories.    

As a result of the fall, Brian suffered a fractured back and shattered heel.  Brian had a 6 level fusion a few days later.  Mr. Martin was arrested and charged with trespassing and reckless endangerment, all of which were later dismissed.  In the future Brian will need an extension of his fusion surgery and a fusion of his ankle/heel.  The officers involved were PO Bakalis, PO Cofresi, PO Scarlatelli and Sgt Foote.